Canti-Cuentos: Songs and Stories for Children

Canti-Cuentos: Practice Spanish with Songs and Stories
with Spanish Teacher 
Monika Ruiz

Class will be conducted in English and Spanish
Cost per child: $270 for 18 classes
Late registration on a pro-rata basis is welcome.

Canti-cuentos with Monika RuizEnroll your children in an entertaining and engaging class in which they can practice and reinforce the Spanish that they’re learning in class. Through songs and stories they will be able to develop their vocabulary and understanding in an enjoyable way.

Learning can be fun too!

Monika Ruiz originated with the idea of Canti-Cuentos when she realized from her Spanish is Fun!!! classes at SPARK and her Mundo Arte classes at IPS that singing songs and reading stories in Spanish would supplement their weekly lessons. Monika has been teaching children for over twenty years. Her focus has been on developing a curriculum where the learning process is fun and exciting so the kids learn more quickly.

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